Ultraportable Laptops For Sale

Laptops For Sale

If you spend a lot of time on the road, itís likely that this is the type of laptop for you. Weighing four pounds and less, most laptops in this category are well under an inch thick. These lightweight, thin computers fit the bill for travelers who put a premium on portability.

But thereís a catch: these machines are generally weaker in performance and lack some of the features that are standard on laptops in other categories.

Most ultraportables have a display of less than 12 inches (measured diagonally), and many use low-voltage processors that make for slower performance. These machines may offer fewer ports for connections, but LAN, modem and WiFi are generally standard features.

Because laptops in this category are so lightweight and portable, keyboards and touch pads tend to be smaller as well. Most ultraportables do not include fixed optical drives, but CD-R/DVD drives can be attached through USB or docking ports.

While these machines may lack some features, they still carry a hefty price tag. Prices start around $1,500 to $2,000 and up. But for users who are always on the road, ultraportables may be the right fit.

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