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Laptops For Sale

Tablets PC's are designed to allow you to use the laptop in a standard fashion, or to write handwritten notes and navigate the system with the use of a stylus applied directly to the screen, much like a pen to paper.

Convertible tablets are both laptops and tablets – they include keyboards and work like regular laptops, but they also feature displays that rotate and fold flat over the keyboard, enabling you to use the machine as a tablet as well. Slate tablets don’t have keyboards at all – the only input is through the stylus. Both types of tablets utilize handwriting recognition software.

Slate tablets are among the most portable computers on the market, some weighing as little as two pounds or less. Most tablets are less than one inch thick.

Prices for tablets start around $1,000 for basic models and $1,500 to $2,000 for more advanced models. While most tablets have fewer ports than other laptops, nearly all tablets include LAN and wireless network connections.

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