Desktop Replacement Laptops For Sale

Laptops For Sale

As the name suggests, these machines are the largest and heaviest laptop computers on the market. Desktop replacement laptops are built for performance, and youíll get all the power and all the features you would get from a desktop machine.

These computers generally weigh in at eight pounds or more and are well over one inch thick. Desktop replacement laptop computers feature displays as large as 17 inches and utilize processors as fast as those you will find in most desktop machines.

Heavy duty laptop computers offer the most complete set of features available on any laptop, and they have enough computing power to be suitable for demanding users including hardcore gamers, multimedia producers and audio/video editors.

These laptop computers feature large hard drives (up to 120GB or more), optical drives (CD-R/DVD-R drives; some even have double-layer DVD burners), and all the ports most users could need.

Youíll find laptops in this category to be too cumbersome for travel, but thatís a reasonable trade-off for this level of performance. Because these machines are not designed to maximize mobility, battery life is relatively short.

Prices for desktop replacement laptop computers start around $1,000 to $1,500 and up.

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